The second project newsletter is online!

What’s on

The partners are working on Methodological toolkit to involve business and social professionals in entrepreneurship programmes for people over 55.

In detail they has setted up a survey in order to identify the best strategies to promote the participation of businesses in incubation programmes.

40 questionnaires has administered to professionals, Ngo, companies in 5 countries (Spain, France, Lithuania, Greece, Italy) and the collected data has been analysed by the partners.

On going

Partners are reviewing the scientific literature on the entrepreneurship training needs people 55+. The results of the reviewing will be validated through a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the results of several focus groups. The partners are conducting focus group with professional and senior, in order to define training needs.

Next steps

Based on the learnings from the previous activities, and according to the needs of the incubators:

– IDEC, with the support of ACV, will design a volunteering plan/model

– All partners will develop a proposal for a training curriculum/contents adressed to entrepreneurs 55+ at risk of exclusion.

Second partners’ meeting

SENIOR+ project partners met online in October 2022 to discuss about on going project activities and to prepare the the face-to-face 2nd meeting, that will take place in December in Lithuania.

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