The SENIOR+ will develop, test and implement innovative practices in the field of entrepreneurship with older
adults 50+, with special emphasis on those at risk of social exclusion.

The project will develop and implement educational and training curricula based on learning-by-doing, in order to develop people’s practical, creative and entrepreneurial skills, so that they can harness the power of entrepreneurship.

Many studies have recognised the role of entrepreneurship in poverty alleviation, enabling people from disadvantaged backgrounds, such as older adults 50+, to break out of their inferior positions and find their own solution to unemployment or discrimination in the labour market. At the same time as acquiring these new skills and competences necessary for entrepreneurship, our target groups will also receive training in social value creation from business.

Thanks to SENIOR+, the social world, together with the business world, will identify which market niches exist in the different business sectors. Vulnerable older adults 50+ will create social and inclusive enterprises to meet these needs and this, in turn, will establish a powerful link between the people involved, the older adults 50+ and the business professionals. In general, it is difficult for these older adults 50+ to have access to such
training and mentoring from high-level professionals, which would not happen if it were not for projects of this kind.