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Newsletter-ISSUE #3 – January 2023

What’s on

The 6 partners are working on the implementation of a training course on digital competences for entrepreneurship for people over 55 at risk of exclusion.

In detail they are developing the online modules to acquire basic digital skills for business and empower seniors to be aware of the risks and benefits of self-employment, clarify their business idea, understand the needs to set up their own business and how to run a profitable business. It will be available soon on the project website!

2nd Transnational Partner Meeting

On December 13 Senior+ partnership met in Kaunas, Lithuania, for the second transnational partner meeting (TPM). It was a great opportunity to meet and discuss several topics, such as:

  • How to design the volunteering plan, to be proposed to professionals and integrated into the incubation program.
  • How to make the best use of the data obtained from questionnaires about EntreComp and DigiComp.
  • How to develop the training program on digital skills so as to meet the needs of senior entrepreneurs at risk of exclusion.
  • How to work on the next outputs, including the idea bank, the next goal on which work will begin in February.

The results of the Survey on Training Course on Digital Competences

The main objective, of the second phase of the project, is the implementation of a training program on basic digital skill for senior entrepreneurs at risk of exclusion, following DigiComp & EntreComp frameworks. The first step in achieving this goal was, therefore, to identify the training needs of newly emerging entrepreneurs over 55 years old.

To identify the training needs all the partners designed a questionnaire that was sent to organizations (NGO, Adult Education Centers, Labour Market Training Centers) working with persons at risk of exclusion. ANS, in Italy, also organized focus groups involving professionals working in VET sector, which could offer an extra perspective on training needs.

A total of 40 seniors responded to the questionnaire and each partner got some useful results. Here are some of the key findings that are guiding the partners in implementing the training modules:

  • In general, participants were not very familiar with DigiComp and EntreComp frameworks (apart from the participants from Lithuania who were already familiar with these instruments and they had few knowledges on digital competence and communication skills.
  • The main obstacles highlighted by the participants are: lack of motivation and absence of realistic business plans, lack of support by a professional or a coach, no financial funds to start a business. The legislation and the bureaucratic aspect are also a real barrier to launch a business. The main obstacles they have encountered in interfacing with digital tools are: lack of confidence, lack of adapted courses, fear to use new technologies, lack of training.
  • All seniors considered important train skills, among which the main ones shown in the questionnaires are: digital skills, communication, leadership, problem solving and adaptability, ability to manage and empower team members.

Next steps

Based on the learnings from the previous activities, and according to the needs of the incubators:

  • All partners are developing the modules of the training curriculum, which will be available in e-learning mode.
  • Start of work on the Bank of Ideas, an online tool to collect and disseminate business ideas for people 55+.

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