Newsletter 5: Senior+ approaches its final stage

 We’re thrilled to bring you the latest updates from the Senior+ project. 

As the Erasmus+ funded initiative draws to a close, we’re excited to announce that the project’s progress is advancing steadily as we embark on the final stage of its design. 

The concluding step will be the implementation of four mentoring sessions focused on the realisation of an intensive business incubation process for seniors who desire developing their business idea into reality. The training sessions will be centred on acquiring the necessary knowledge to embark on a personal endeavour. Through the introduction of various topics, participants will strengthen both their technical expertise and interpersonal skills. 

Furthermore, it is already possible to engage with tangible project outcomes, which is the Senior+ platform that hosts: 

  • • An e-learning course aimed at acquiring basic entrepreneurial skills, targeting all seniors who wish to delve into and learn something new about entrepreneurship. 
  • • A collection of bank of entrepreneurial ideas tailored for seniors, meticulously curated to streamline and enhance the process of initiating their own business venture. These models have undergone thorough evaluation by professionals and are grounded in successful implementation experiences. 

Here is the link to access the platform: 

4th Transnational Partner Meeting 

The consortium met for the final transnational partners meeting, on the 16th of April 2024, in which the partners seized the opportunity to discuss about the final project activities, the results attained, and address the remaining tasks ahead. 

✓ Further clarification and indication on the incubation programme; 

✓ Finalization of the project platform and its content; 

✓ An update on the current progress and forthcoming strategies regarding dissemination and communication activities. 

Next steps 

Following the TPM, these are the upcoming activities awaiting us in the future: 

  • • Implementation of the incubation programme; 
  • • Developing multimedia content for the project website; 
  • • Organizing multiplier events in each participating country. 

If you’re interested in staying informed about future developments of the project, here’s the link to the website: 

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