The Senior+ platform, a valuable resource for new senior entrepreneurs

The Senior+ platform, a valuable resource for new senior entrepreneurs

The Senior+ platform is now available for all people over 55, unemployed or at risk of exclusion, who want to improve their entrepreneurial skills and start new businesses in their area. Within it you can find the ten modules of the e-learning course for new entrepreneurial skills, which will soon be followed by new interesting resources, starting with the bank of entrepreneurial ideas the partners are working on.

The Senior+ project aims at providing new tools to counteract the risks of social exclusion and isolation of unemployed persons over 55, by fostering the acquisition of new knowledge, skills and possibilities in the entrepreneurial field. The Senior+ platform is part of these tools and will soon be available to all interested seniors in six different languages (English, Greek, Spanish, Italian, French and Lithuanian).

The platform includes a section dedicated to the e-learning course on basic entrepreneurial skills, consisting of 10 modules that will enable seniors to be aware of the risks and benefits of self-employment, to clarify their business idea, to understand the needs for starting their own business, to manage a profitable enterprise (finance, human resources management, market research) and to generate business-relevant knowledge (legislation, taxation, sources of financing, etc.). The first modules have already been tested by seniors who left useful feedback before publication.

In addition to the e-learning course, the platform will contain the Bank of Business Ideas, a further important tool for achieving the project’s objectives. The bank of ideas, in fact, will make public business models that can be an important support when one wants to start one’s own business idea. These business models will be sustainable, rapidly profitable and have a high potential for replicability. In addition, new senior entrepreneurs will be able to use this online tool to share their experiences within a European community of people working on the same business ideas.

Finally, the platform will have two important features to connect those who will use it: a forum and a chat, which will facilitate exchanges between seniors, entrepreneurs and new senior entrepreneurs.

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